Web Development

Using modern best practices combined with over 15 years of software development experience I work with local, national, and international companies to compose elegant, functional and accessible websites and applications, which build on web standards enhanced with cutting edge web 2.0 technologies.

Web Standards

Web Standards play a crucial role in my application design. From document structure to accessability, these important design standards pave the way for maximum readability, functionality, and ease of use across a variety of browsing platforms including web browsers, handheld devices, text readers, and even printing.

Content Optimization

I develop all web-based applications using modern practices, web standards, and user friendly URL's.

I spend a lot of unbillable time researching technology, patterns, and best practices as well as monitoring client websites post-mortem to ensure that the search engines are properly indexing content.


Professional web sites and applications should not need performance tuning after the fact when somebody notices the site is running sub-standard. These are design elements that are built on from the beginning, from server settings, to browser caching, to database design and indexes. I like speed just as much as you do - all of my projects involve the use of logging, debugging, and benchmarking tools, so that I can increase performance during developement, and easily have the ability to troubleshoot problems when they arise both in the development phase as well as in the production stage at the flip of a switch.

About Binary Signal

A small web application and software development company located in Portland, Oregon.

Small Business

As a small business owner myself, I am committed to supporting small businesses and using local resources when needed.